I’m just a Florida girl living on the east coast with my best friend Caio. I am here to create and share healthy recipes filled with deliciousness!

Being an athlete in college I was always trying to find healthy ways to work around the schools meal plan I was on which consisted of dry chicken, vegetables covered in oils or butter, and then the unknown food which I really couldn’t tell you what it was besides gross. I started with cooking eggs in my dorm room, microwaving protein brownies and grilling chicken on a hot plate (all of which wasn’t aloud in the dorms). I soon began to fall in love with creating recipes that were healthy but also super tasty.

Breakfast hands down has always been my favorite meal of the day even with a busy schedule I always try to fit in a good hearty breakfast to keep me going throughout the day. I have a slight obsession with peanut butter so you may be seeing it in quite a bit of my recipes but no worries if you aren’t a fan it won’t be in ALL my recipes. I hope you enjoy my tasty treats that will help you slim your waist AKA Tasty Trimmings!

Fun facts about me:

1. I could live off peanut butter

2. The gym is my happy place

3. I live in Boston with my boyfriend Caio we are both from warm places: Florida and Brazil but low key love the snow

4. I have three crazy sisters that I wouldn’t trade for the world

5. My parents both did body building WAY back in the day

6. I can’t function without a cup of coffee

7. I love the outdoors, sporting events and concerts

8. My go to work out is weight lifting or a HIIT work out