Fitness for me is a way of life and by that I mean staying active, trying new things, getting outdoors or whatever it may be.

A little bit about my background in the fitness world: I was a competitive swimmer for about 15 years (currently 24) so a long long time but to be honest I didn’t actually enjoy or get into weight lifting until a couple years ago. I always enjoyed swimming being that I am very competitive and I enjoy winning but I think swimming was more of a task or something I HAD to do. A couple years ago my junior year of college I took a whole summer off swimming and primarily stuck to weight lifting with light cardio on the side and guess what I fell in love. I enjoyed every second of being in the gym. At the time I was working out with my dad who has a ton of old school weight lifting knowledge which was awesome. Fast forward a couple of years I am out of college and no longer swimming but I am still weight lifting. I also enjoy HIIT workouts, and being outdoors whether that is hiking, walking on a trail, skiing or any water sports.

I am a certified personal trainer through ACE. Im super excited to help, inspire, and guide others. Stay tuned for a new fitness video every Friday on this page and on my Instagram @Tastytrimmings.

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